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Diane D. Lowery is an internationally recognized skincare expert and businesswoman. Through her company, Advanced DermaCare, she has dedicated herself to showing her clients the holistic approach to great-looking skin. The skincare products and techniques she has personally developed have won acclaim in the U.S. and awards in Europe and earned her the distinction of "International Woman of the Decade" from the European Aesthetic Skin Care Group in 1993. Diane studied and earned the two most prestigious international skincare degrees (I.T.E.C. and CIDESCO), in the skincare industry. Her innovative work has shown that "healthy minds and healthy lifestyles are the most important factors in maintaining  youthful skin." Along with a Doctorate of Naturopathy and a PH.d. in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton School of Holistic Health, Ms. Lowery has studied Anti-Aging Skincare at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. 

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

Let your inner you shine from head to toe. I am here to help get rid of tired-looking skin,  fine lines, dull skin, and dark circles. That's why I decided to share my skincare products with the world. I have a wide variety of products so you can find what works best for you and the skin you're in.

I'm Here to Help!

I care about my customers, and I want you to be completely happy with your experience. If you have questions about me, my products, or my services, get in touch! Have comments about what I can do better? Send me a message!  I am excited to help you on your way to healthy skin!


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