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How BioLight Works.

Your Skin is made up of 3 layers:

  • Epidermis
  • Dermis
  • Subcutaneous

The Epidermis is the outer layer made up of non-living cells that form your body's protective cover. These cells are constantly being shed and replaced by new ones. The new cells are made in the lower part of the Epidermis. These are called Keratinocytes which produce the tough, fibrous protein called Keratin

The next layer is the Dermis. It is thicker and contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. There are two main proteins in the Dermis or second layer of skin:

  • Collagen, approximately 3/4 of the Dermis is made up of this protein which is responsible for the strength and plumpness of the skin.
  • Elastin, which is responsible mainly for the elasticity of the skin.

The next layer is the Subcutaneous, it is the layer that contains the fatty tissues and stores energy, provides warmth and a cushion etc.
People need certain wavelengths of light similar to the way plants need sunlight to thrive. LED Light Therapy produced by the BioLight translates the process of plant photosynthesis into the workings of human skin cells; stimulating the body's own cells to build new proteins the same way plants use Chlorophyll to convert sunlight into cellular building blocks.

Your skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration. The light rays that are emitted from the BioLight are beneficial for your skin, as they contain no UV rays. The problem with getting these same light rays from the sun is that you also get the harmful UV rays. These harmful rays can do more damage to your skin than good. With LED Light Therapy, when the correct wavelengths of light are closely and intensely flowed into the body, some pretty startling things start to occur:
We are going to get a little technical here, but we will keep it as simple as possible so that you can easily understand the process.
Collagen and Elastin are produced in cells called Fibroblasts. Inside these cells is a smaller cellular structure called Mitochondria.
Mitochondria are responsible for converting nutrients into an energy carrier known scientifically as Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). This (ATP) fuels the cell's activities; it basically gives the cells the needed energy to do their job. This is the reason Mitochondria are frequently referred to as the powerhouse of the cell.

The BioLight sends light rays into the Fibroblast cells, which in turn excite the Mitochondria into producing in some cases up to 10 times more ATP, but usually 2 to 4 times. This fuels the cell's activities, which causes more of the needed Collagen and Elastin to be produced, as well as other needed materials for the skin.
The Collagen plumps up the skin to fill in fine lines and wrinkles while the Elastin helps to firm skin that has began to sag. This whole LED Light Therapy process results in skin that appears more youthful, smoother, healthier and more radiant.

BioLight Therapy

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"I have had mild acne since I was a teen. Over the years it has gotten worse and the acne is now deeper and more painful than when I was younger.  I have tried a multitude of different acne treatments to fight this battle. My experience with the BioLight was excellent
Just after a short period of time I noticed my skin felt rejuvenated and my acne was diminishing. I have had less and less instances of bad breakouts and my skin feels a lot less oily during the day.


"I’m a senior in High School and started having BioLight and in about a week and a half my face started looking a lot better.  I’ve had acne all my life and I actually got a lot of compliments from people all around me!  I like it because it’s really easy, no pain, it works really fast and it’s effective. I would recommend the Light for sure- I’ve tried a lot of different acne treatments and this one works the best!"


"I was getting these small wrinkles forming over the past few years, now they are gone. The change in the size of my pores is incredible.  I was just starting to get those lip lines and wrinkles above my top lip and they are almost gone too! Even the dark age spots have faded a lot.  You have to understand that these changes took place in only 5 weeks! Oh! Guess what else happened? I had really bad psoriasis under my hair. It disappeared too! Now I don't scratch all the time"


"I have been trying to take good care of my skin so I can look real good for a long time. I am 38 years old and I was losing hope.  could see the fine lines and wrinkles forming on my forehead and around my eyes.  I don't know how to really explain this one but my skin was feeling tired and looking pale. I was getting age spots! That really bothered me, they were mainly on my cheeks.  Then a friend  told me about Advanced DermaCare’s BioLight. On the very first day I felt a difference. I noticed my skin felt as smooth as a baby's bottom! Over the past 6 weeks my skin has had what I feel are dramatic changes. My fine lines are almost gone! The wrinkles around my eyes are pretty well gone. The age spots are about 50% gone. My pores have tightened up quite a bit. And overall I have a rosier, healthy complexion.  My skin doesn't feel tired anymore and has a really smooth and healthy texture to it now. I am so pleased I cannot tell you how pleased I am because I now believe I can look like I am in my mid-thirties for a very long time!


"After having BioLight  for the past 6 weeks, I have seen and felt several dramatic improvements in the skin on my face.  Since I was a young teenager I have had severe, deep acne on my face and very oily skin. My acne and oily skin have always been noticeable to others on the surface of my skin but I have been living with the pain of the deeper acne – something no one else sees – for many years. The pain in my face has been so bad that just touching it hurt. I had to sleep on my back most of the time because the pressure from the pillow would hurt too much to be able to sleep!
I have had many different skin treatments over the years. Here is how I reacted to them: the surface acne would even out a bit but then tended to dry out my skin. I would experience flakiness and after a few hours my oily skin would return. The pain from the deep acne was never relieved and the acne and oiliness continually reoccurred.  For the first time in over 15 years the deep acne on my face has subsided, the surface of my skin has started to clear up and there have been noticeable changes in the redness diminishing. The pore size has diminished, I have experienced an increased smoothness in my overall skin and to my absolute surprise, the oiliness has been drastically reduced.
I could not be more pleased with the results I’ve received. What you can't see is the pain relief I have had. I have had very deep acne since my early teens and I am now 34. So I can say I am an expert on the subject. I have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING under the sun to get rid of it and NOTHING worked!  That pain is GONE now. I can wash my face without it hurting. I can sleep on my side at night.