Additional Information

PressoTherapy is a very successful weight, cellulite and inch loss treatment. The treatment combines far-infrared which dissolves fat and lymphatic drainage which clears toxins and tightens skin.

PressoTherapy Treatment Benefits:

  • Improve Lymphatic Drainage and Venous Return
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Body Slimming and Weight Loss
  • Toxin Removal

The Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage is a well-known SPA treatment for well-being. The PressoTherapy Treatment is even more powerful than the manual treatment. The machine inflates the suit that is wore by clients. It would generate up to 100mmHg or even 120mmHg pressure on the body. The pressure will run within the PressoTherapy suit along with the designed route. Clients will feel like a real massage on the body.

The PressoTherapy Treatment high pressure massage will help with the weight loss and cellulite reduction since it improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps to speed up the toxin and excess fat removal. The treatment will smooth the skin making the cellulite less noticeable.

This PressoTherapy Treatment also utilizes far infrared technology. The far infrared body wrap heating can dissolve fat and promote the fat metabolism. The far infrared also improves the blood circulation and nutrition/oxygen transportation. The specific of far infrared technology is that it doesn't heat up the surface of the body. Instead, it heats up the inner body that is 4 to 7 cm beneath the skin. The effect is to raise the temperature at the extremities of the body to the same temperature at the core of the body – a temperature at which body fat can be broken down. This is wonderful because this is where the stubborn fat deposit and main blood vessels are located.