Types of Wet Diamond Abrasion

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What is Wet Diamond Abrasion?

Exfoliation has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians who used sand to scrub their skin to help restore the appearance of younger, fresher looking skin. The key to unlocking youthful looking skin has long been known by exfoliating the upper most layer of skin.  Up to age 25 we shed our top layer of skin every 21-28 days.  After age 25 it can take up to 40 + days to shed that top layer of skin.

Wet Diamond Abrasion is a technique for removing the topmost layer of skin leaving it supple and vibrant. The Wet Diamond Abrasion removes this layer of skin by gently exfoliating the skin with natural diamond discs, while at the same time vacuuming dead skins cells away in a sterile and a controlled manner. Removing this outer layer of dead skins cells leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.
Resurfacing using a Wet Diamond Abrasion is similar to particle microdermabrasion and chemical peels in its results but without the adverse effects of loose particles, irritation and skin reaction. Unlike other exfoliation treatments, The Wet Diamond Abrasion Skin Resurfacing System uses no loose abrasives to contaminate you or the environment.

Types of Wet Diamond Abrasion?

At Advancd DermaCare we use 2 types of Wet Diamond Dermal Abrasion:

Wet Diamond Dermal Abrasion

1.Wet Diamond Dermal Abrasion (Wet Diamond) has many exciting benefits, the first being a thorough removal of the loose and thicker areas of the upper layer of skin. This stimulates cell turnover, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition it has been proven to enhance blood circulation, skin texture and tone, as well as stimulate collagen resulting in immediate and long term results.  Brown spots are lightened and the face is brighter. skincare treatment Oro Valley Tucson Marana skin care skincare service

Aqua Vortex abrasion

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2. Aqua Vortex Abrasion has many exciting benefits in addition to all of the above, this service also hydrates, deep cleans the pores, promotes pore tightening, refines skin texture and brown spots are lightened and the face is brighter.